Motivation & Inspiration

  • Your Home is a Treasure Chest

    Your home should be a showcase of your life. It should include things you love and that make you feel happy and bring your joy. Image your home as ...
  • Float your furniture

    What does floating your furniture mean? Well, it just means to not push everything up against the walls of the room. When you "float" your furnishi...
  • Simple = Sophisticated

    Never let anyone tell you that simple can't be sophisticated. Sometimes the most simple of designs are those that are the most sophisticated. This ...
  • What is your interior projecting?

    It sounds odd, but truly our interior design projects a lot about each of us personally. What is your interior projecting?
  • Fill forlorn corners with plants

    Do you have bare corners in your home that just look a little lonely? Liven up your space with plants.